Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Days!

Sometimes it is the little sweet things in life...this morning I found out that I won the last Peachy Keen Sketch challenge...which is funny, considering that in the last week I have been the LUCKY and HAPPY recipient of several other winnings! (I keep telling my husband I should go buy a lottery ticket...except I don't believe in them...I KNOW where my happiness comes from!) Nonetheless, it has been fun getting little surprises like that.

Then in the last week or two I have had 2 different CARDS singled out and featured on a company Facebook page (never DREAMED things like that would happen when I started blogging!) And the JOURNEY continues...

On Sunday, I got to watch my kids get baptized...words cannot describe the JOY in my mommy's heart to watch my kids follow after the Lord with ALL their HEARTS, and want to SHARE it with the world! I thought I would need a whole box of tissue...but I got away with just one! The combination of JOY and tears of HAPPINESS...all mingled together...

Two days ago, I also passed the $600 threshhold with cards (or Chocolate Survival Kits)...that means I have ENOUGH to build a house for a widow in Burundi...the whole REASON I make all the cards that I do! Is anything SWEETER than ACCOMPLISHING a task you set out to do? And how humbling that the Lord would use my hands to make a DIFFERENCE in the WORLD...even in the life of ONE!

And lastly, here is some of the BEAUTY that I got to ENJOY recently...every year where I live there is an annual Tulip Festival. I don't always make it out to enjoy them, but I am so GRATEFUL that I did this year. What a BEAUTIFUL day it turned out to BE!!! I entered them in a photo contest in our local newspaper...and found out on Sunday, that one of them was PUBLISHED on Friday...I even read that paper and didn't notice! I am THANKFUL for FAMILY...and the fact that they don't throw stuff away as quickly I do! So...enjoy some of the AMAZING artwork of the CREATOR!!!

Blessing on your day!


  1. How fabulous!! I remember watching my husband and children get baptized...words can't describe it :)Your photos are gorgeous!

  2. I've seen your name a TON lately! That is so exciting. Congratulations. And congratulations on the baptism of your children. What a blessing. Hugs- Glora