Thursday, June 9, 2011

My daughter's birthday...

Just had to share a couple pictures of my BEAUTIFUL daughter!!! Yesterday was her 8th birthday (how the time FLIES!!!). Daddy always brings them flowers on their birthday - such a sweet tradition! And we got her her first guitar - she has wanted one for a while now! The pic below is AFTER she jumped up and down in excitement!!! And she loved her "Tangled" card! Happy Birthday dear sweet Katie!!!


  1. She is just beautiful! What a lovely tradition of daddy bringing birthday flowers. This makes me long for the days when my girls were this age-enjoy them! Amy:)

  2. She has her daddy's smile!! How lovely of your DH to make your girls feel so special!! Great photos!!

  3. So beautiful and such a sweet tradition with the flowers...precious! Happy Birthday sweet Katie :) Hugs x