My name is Heather, and I have a wonderful husband, and two daughters who I love very much! I have been so blessed with my family!

I love spending my time scrapbooking my memories of family life and special occasions, and especially find joy from creating cards. It is my creative outlet, and what I tell my husband is cheaper than therapy (although, I'm not quite sure if that is true or not!)

When I started making cards, I realized rather quickly that it was impossible to use as many cards as I ended up making. After a disappointing experience at a craft fair, I re-evaluated my idea of making moneys from my hobby. At that time, my two daughters were (and still are) rather passionate about a ministry that had come to our church called Sister Connection

Sister Connection works in the small country of Burundi, Africa, through sponsorship programs and many ministry efforts, but the one that had especially touched my kids was the home building initiative. For $500 (which has now gone up to $600) - you can build a new home for a widow and her children, and quite often many other orphaned children she is caring for. For $600 you can completely change a life, and bring hope and dignity to a complete family! My kids would pray daily for "the mommy's and kids who didn't have a home." 

So, after much prayer and thought, I decided to sell my cards through any avenue I could find, and put all of the money towards building homes for widows and orphans. To date, I have completed five homes, and am working on completing a sixth! I am also sponsoring a couple of the widows that I was able to build a home for through my cards. That is only $30 a month - and such a rich and wonderful blessing!!! 

Here is a picture of my first "sister" - you can read my post HERE where I introduce her: