Saturday, February 18, 2017

Magic Slider Feather Card

Good morning! Finally got this blog post written for one of my new favorite cards! I have been wanting to make a "magic slider" card for quite a while. I remember the first time I saw one, and it really felt like magic! Took me a while to figure out even how it worked - so I decided to give one a try last week with a new Unity Stamp Company release, and make a Quick Tip video at the same time. It seriously is a lot easier than it looks - I didn't make a practice one before this video - this really was the first try! Here is what it looks like with the slider up:

Here is the video:

And here it is closed:

Sliding open:

And all the way up:

I used vellum, you could also use acetate for the window portion for more vivid color, but I kind of like the soft effect of the vellum. I did make the coloring pretty vivid with my Zig markers to compensate for the softness of the vellum.

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  1. Very pretty and thank you so much for a simple explanation.

  2. So fun! I love the soft blend of the colours around the feather.

  3. Heather I have been watching your gorgeous videos on Unity for months now, enthralled with them all! I finally had a minute this afternoon to hunt down your blog! I just love the way you put your cards together. This one was particularly enthralling with the colour reveal! I've seen it done several times since, so it's fair to say you've started a new trend!! Anyway, just wanted to come say hi, I'm following now so I can keep up to date with your makes and just wanted to say how inspiring I'm finding your gorgeous videos. I love the music you use too. My hubby is a guitarist, so it appeals to me very much!! A very pretty piece. Hugs, Wends xoxo (Crafty Kiwi Mama)