Friday, July 28, 2017

Help a Sister Out - Can I Send You a Card?

Houses Built of Cards

That is the name of my blog - and if you don't know or have ever wondered why, the short answer is that I sell my cards (by donation), and all the money goes toward building houses for widows and their children in Burundi, Africa through a ministry called Sister Connection
(You can read the longer story HERE if you are interested)

I just sent in money tonight for my SECOND HOUSE for this YEAR. All from selling a few cards that I make as a HOBBY! I mean, it seems like such a SMALL thing - but I am still in awe of the fact that it is ACTUALLY making a DIFFERENCE! Isn't it amazing the way God works? When we are willing to let Him use the gifts He gives us, He can actually use them to CHANGE the WORLD? Maybe not the whole world, but even ONE person's world. Isn't that REMARKABLE?

Now, how many of you have gone to summer camp in the past? Or sent your kids? Memories - lots of them, right? Every year, this ministry of Sister Connection that I support puts on a huge SUMMER RETREAT and CAMP for these same widows and fatherless children. These camps provide opportunities for fellowship, healing, learning practical life skills - and the chance to experience God's love. Well, I saw this email in my inbox today:

Now, I'm thinking there has to be a way to help with this! That is so very close to their goal! The entire cost for one person to attend camp is $30 - this includes transportation, food, and lodging.

How I would like to help: 

Would you consider helping? I would LOVE to send you a THANK YOU if you do! Here is what I need you to do:

1. Please send me an email at if you send in a donation toward this.
2. Include a list of 6 cards from my CARDS for SALE page HERE - it will be first come first serve, so feel free to include a few alternate choices in case I don't have the chance to update quickly enough
3. Include your mailing address, and I will drop them in the mail to you! 

(this offer is good through August 20th, or until by some miracle I run out of cards!)

My card basket is overflowing right now - these past few weeks have been super busy crafty time for me, so I have piles of cards right now that need a home! I will cover the entire cost of packaging and shipping as my way of saying thank you for joining hands with this ministry that means so much to me! 

You can click HERE to donate, and HERE to read more about the camps and ministry.

And in case you wonder if it matters - here is how much it matters, in the words of a few of the widows that have received homes:

Thank you for listening to me ramble tonight! And THANK YOU in advance for any help you are able to give - it means the WORLD to someone! Have a wonderful evening!


  1. love you! you are a great person <3

  2. eine sehr süße KARTE,,,

    wünsche noch einen schönen ABEND
    bis bald die BIRGIT aus TIROL

  3. Heather - What a wonderful ministry you have! I have been following you on FB for quite awhile and never made the connection with the title and a House Built of Cards! I love your cards - I especially love them now! I want you to know that I made a donation towards a camper, however, I do not expect cards - the inspiration and ideas that you provide daily are all that I need! Many blessings to you as you continue to help people through your love of crafting!