Saturday, December 21, 2019

Fruitastic Card Set - Pinkfresh Facebook Live Cards

Good morning! Yesterday was our weekly Pinkfresh Studio Facebook Live - postponed to Friday instead of the normal Thursday this time - so I'm also a bit late to post the rest of this here on my blog! If you missed the Live video and want to take a peek, you can find it on the Pinkfresh Facebook Page - yesterday's video is available HERE. As always, there was one giveaway for someone who watched live, so make sure and pop in each week to win that live giveaway - 10 AM Pacific time on Thursday morning! We are taking next week off for Christmas, so the next Facebook Live will be on January 2nd!

I also always try to post info here the next day on the card we make - for those that aren't on Facebook or maybe didn't see it over there. This week I have this set of cards that I made in advance of the Live, and then at the bottom I have some photos of the cards we made Live, since we changed up the colors and sort of last minute decided to do some "rock and roll" technique - go watch the video on rewatch for the best explanation of how they came out!

These cards all use one of the clearance stamp sets - making room for new things coming next month! You can check out the sale section HERE! The set we used is called Fruitastic - we also paired it up with one of the newest Essentials Releases, Essentials Radiating Background 1.

Here is a closer look at each of the original cards I made - for the strawberries I used Passion Fruit and Aquamarine ink:

The oranges used Apricot and Olive:

The lemons used Lemon Whip and Olive:

The pears used Fresh Pear and Storm:

And the apples used Berrylicious and Grassy Knoll:

For each of them I added some splatters using Licorice Liquid Watercolors!

Here is a look at the ones we made Live - we turned the lemons into limes for the first one, and used Key Lime, Olive, and Storm inks:

Next up, we did the apples using a mix of Fresh Pear, Passion Fruit, and Olive:

Then we moved onto the pears and used Marigold, Warm Buff, and Gathered Twig:

And finally, we turned the oranges into peaches! For these we used Ballet Slipper, Coral Reef, Peach Fuzz, Passion Fruit, Mint, and Fresh Pear!

Thanks for stopping by to see a closer look at ALL these many cards!

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  1. This set of cards reminds me of the hungry caterpillar and the fruits themed desserts from my daughters birthday last year!