Monday, February 7, 2011

You warm my heart (Card for my hubby!)

This is a pretty simple card that I actually made several weeks ago, and just didn't share yet, on the off chance my husband happened to get on here and see it. But it is safely tucked into his lunchbox to surprise him at work today, so I decided it was safe to share!

Our wedding (almost 11 years ago!) was kind of centered around Precious Moments (our invitations, cake topper, programs, etc...) because the first gift he ever got for me was a Precious Moments figurine. This stamp is actually the one I used to make our thank you cards for wedding gifts! I just happened to come across it when I was cleaning a while back, and had to sit down and make a card for my husband with it!

My plan this week is to try to make a card everyday for my husband, leading up to Valentines Day, to let him know all the different things I love and appreciate about him. This first one is letting him know how much I appreciate how often I am cold and he snuggles me to warm me up. Seriously, I think I have the coldest toes on the planet, and he puts up with those things poking at him for warmth ever single night!

The card is pretty self explanatory - stamped and colored with colored pencils, wish I could remember where I got the sentiment from! Added some ribbon with a bow and a little bit of inking.

I'll be back a little later this morning to post the winner for the Sweetheart Blog Hop!

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