Friday, February 11, 2011

You Make the Grade Valentine

Well, here is the final day of the week before Valentine's Day cards for my hubby. I know this doesn't look much like a Valentine card - but it is to let him know how much I love his drive to learn and grow! He is one of the smartest people I know, and I love that I can go to him if I have a question, and he will most likely know the answer. I can also send our daughters to ask their Daddy when they ask the weird and difficult questions that they seem so good at coming up with! He is in college right now, as well as working full time - and I appreciate how hard he is working to do well at that, as well as still being a husband and father. And I love best of all watching and listening to him read God's Word - and then continue on to live by it each and every day.

So for this card, I used Nate's ABC's, and added a TON of inking, a sentiment from Pink by Design, and couple little heart stamps from my stash to add around the edges. Quick and simple!!!


  1. I love this card...the muted colors are just great. Your hubby sounds like a and I have both been blessed with great guys!
    Tanya - Nonna's Craft Corner

  2. That little boy is perfect for my class!