Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rainbow stars - and a mistake!

Well, I actually made this card quite a while ago, but it wasn't exactly my favorite! Actually, I really liked it, until the last thing I did to it - then I felt like I ruined it! Oh well, might as well share it anyway!

I used the stars from a Market Street stamp set, stamped them in solid rainbow colors, then stamped the outline in black. The outside of the card I used a bit of white ink on - and then what I wish I hadn't done, I rubbed a bit of white ink over the star rainbow. If I could just undo that - I would like this card SOOO much better!

The sentiment is from My Creative Time - some of my FAVORITE sentiment stamps!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Oh, hun, I think the white give the stars an effect like they are moving. Sorta like the rainbow is being painted right in front of my eyes....It's beautiful and keep in mind, we are our own worst critics!!!

  2. I think this is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Love the white ink and love the rainbow stars :)

  3. I think it is amazing! Love it!!

  4. It is pretty amazing. I think the white kind of gives it a stardust look! Great card! Hugs- Glora

  5. I honestly don't know why you think you ruined it.... The entire card looks GREAT! I LOVE the White inking around the card... It actually adds to the card! :o)


  6. I really like it and don't think it's ruined at all! I think it's a great card! :)Amy

  7. i really like it.It can be hard on us when we stamp but if you sand it alittle that may help or cut a shape of stars for your card and just cover it up.but i liked the distressed style.tfs

  8. Count me in as one of those who really likes the effect you achieved with the white ink! I love the way it sort of softens everything up. This is really a fun card and I love that you could send this to anyone young or old, male or female. I need more cards like that it my stash...this is perfect!

  9. I love the looks like the stars are going through a cloud! Great card!