Thursday, August 18, 2011

My SISTER has a blog!!! (And a giveaway...)

Just thought I would put the word out for anyone who might be interested - my sister just started her first blog - A Fancy for Food! Not necessarily crafty related - but she is an AMAZING cook, and is working on writing her own cookbook and sharing some of her ideas on her blog! I promise you won't be disappointed!!!

 Click HERE if you are interested in checking her blog out! If you decide to follow her, leave a comment telling her I sent you over, come back and tell me, and I might have a little surprise giveaway!!!


  1. I think the link is wrong... it sent me to case study challenge blog. I did find it on your list of blogs you follow.
    Is that right? I am following her, since I LOVE to cook!

  2. Thanks, sis! Hope I don't disappoint! I'm excited to get this going...

  3. Yay! You fixed the link!! I was a little bummed earlier when I came by and it was goofed up. I popped over and said hi and became follower #4!! You're so sweet to be helping her out like you are! I bet she'll have tons of followers in no time!

    Amy E.

  4. Thanks for sharing your sister's blog! I am a total foodie, and her salmon dish looked spectacular!