Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So...remember my post HERE last week about my sister's new blog? I said I might have a little giveaway for someone who went over and followed her blog, then came back and left me a comment to let me know?

Well - since I only had 3 people do it...I decided to give you EACH a little prize!!! And you have a choice! You may either have a 1 yard sample of ALL 14 colors of Baker's Twine, or 3 Action Wobbles to try out!

Here are all the comments:

Thanks to each of you for checking it out - and for your sweet words! Please send me an email at housesbuiltofcards@gmail.com, and let me know your choice of prize so I can get those in the mail to you!!!

And if you didn't already - please feel free to check out her blog anyway - A Fancy For Food - I know you will enjoy it!!!


  1. Yay!! Thank you!! I just shot you an email. I hope more people check your sister's blog out!!!

    Amy E.

  2. Oh I went and followed her LOL but left a message on her blog that you sent me LOL guess I read it wrong!!