Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jar Full of Joy

Well - my project to share today has a VERY long story attached to it! If you want to read it all, you can head over to my other blog HERE and read it. If you just want to see the crafty side - then you don't have to!

The short story is that I had been struggling for a while with our move here and missing everyone back home. Pretty much wallowing in self-pity and not seeing all the ways that God has blessed me. So I made this as a way to focus on those reminders!

I had a jar in my stash, that for some reason I kept trying to can with, and realized after it was full that none of my lids fit it - it was made in Canada, so I assume it is metric! So...I pulled out some new alcohol inks that I had been wanted to use, and colored up the jar pretty. I love how fast they dried! I used two different colors so they would kind of mottle together.
Next, I trimmed some paper from a 6x6 Crate Paper pad in half, then wrapped around each half - the two halves perfectly fit around the jar. I taped them together, then added some lace trim glued around the top, then wrapped some jute twine, tied in a bow, and attached an October Afternoon Button.
Finally, I used some Thickers, and some OA alphas to add my sentiment. The top of the jar looked empty, so I wrapped some tulle around it to finish off the top, since I didn't have a lid that fit it!
So now, I am filling it with little pieces of paper on which I am writing the many blessing I notice each day. Some days I might have more than one, some days I may not have any. But when I feel like I have nothing to add, I know I can pull out a couple of papers and quickly be reminded!

Have a wonderful day!!!


  1. Heather ~ firs tthe jar is just GORGEOUS!! I can't believe you used inks to get this look! WOW!! I must try this! Second ~ LOVE the whole concept of this jar! Third ~ oh sweet friend I hope things turn around ~ so hard to have a big change in life! But as I can see from this post you are putting everything into perspective! Its okay to have these feelings ~ hard to be aways from family and things familiar! HUGE HUGS coming via internet! Plus its winter time ~ cold and less sun doesn't help either. Hang in there and I might have to borrow this idea ~ we all need reminders of the AWESOME things in life to be grateful and Thankful for ~ I needed this reminder today ~ Thank You!

  2. This is a beautiful idea, Heather! The Lord blesses us in so many ways and I love this reminder. Your jar is beautiful! ~Hugs, Saundra